Born in the rainforest.

Let me tell you a short story. It takes place in the jungles of Peru at a bird-watching field station where I met a slightly inebriated artist named Guy. His full name is Guy Tudor, a world renown illustrator of exotic birds. My professor, a native Peruvian and conservation biologist, suggested that I show him my sketches from the trip. These included a few beetles and moths (nothing particularly exciting). But I was eager for feedback and admittedly, fearful of criticism. He glanced (briefly) at the sketches and said I had some real talent but needed to explore color and develop my skills. That was seven years ago. Now, I’m a graphic and web designer born from the few yet inspiring words of a talented artist.

From environmentalist to designer.

I'll be frank, I never expected to be a designer. In fact, I'm more of generalist who found his niche; a relentless problem solver with a passion for design. More so, I wanted to help people innovate and collaborate - in any way. For years, that manifested itself as environmental stewardship and nonprofit work. I worked in the community, volunteered and crossed my fingers that I would have enough money for rent and paying back student loans.

Now I'm older, maybe a little wiser and constantly searching for the next big challenge.

Let's connect.

It’s been quite the journey thus far. I'm so grateful for the opportunities that have come my way. Please join me on this crazy adventure by checking out my latest projects here at James Ryan Kreative and connect with me on Instagram.  If you’re inquiring about design services or need an estimate, please send an email to or fill out this handy contact form and I’ll respond at my earliest availability.

And here's my resume.